It's like getting an MBA in only a few days

Acumen Plus provides world-class business acumen training services to corporate clients who want to engage and enable their employees to make better decisions. Imagine every employee was aligned with the CEO!

Business Acumen Training

It’s like getting an MBA in only a few days.

The job of developing business leaders is an effort that can never be finished. Without business acumen, the task will be even more daunting. Only organizations that build their training initiatives on top of a business-savvy culture can maintain their competitive edge.

So whether you need to get your initiatives started, or have already started but need better results, Acumen Learning is capable of training any professional, from any industry, about the business of their business. And we do it in a way that is both clear enough to reach individual contributors, yet sophisticated enough to challenge even experienced executives.

In a nutshell, our business acumen training is like getting an MBA for your company in a matter of days.

The Five Business Drivers©

Identify and understand The 5 Business Drivers all successful businesses must focus on.

Testimonial for Building Business Acumen

This 2-day course offers a fresh take on the wisdom of financial statements which is both comprehensive and practical in real life. You will find that the numbers are more useful than you think!“- Porawan Sukchuai

“I found this course very useful. The course has provided me with the framework to understand the big picture of business and its priorities. Participants from different industries also helped enrich the discussions in a very positive way. There are many useful concepts I can take home from this course and will definitely be able to put some of it into practice.”Dr. Peerapong Aramvareekul


Every course we teach is customised – because every business acumen course should be about getting to the core of your business challenges and developing employees who can uncover and create opportunities, prioritize performance metrics, think creatively about solutions, and make faster decisions that drive measurable results for your business.
We’ll take your people way beyond mere financial literacy – we’ll help them connect their jobs to corporate strategy, now and in the future.


Instead of spending valuable time teaching people how to play a board game or run a computer simulation, we spend every second teaching your people substantive things – a deeper understanding of how their company makes money and the skills needed to play a more meaningful role in that money-making process throughout their careers.
A boring lecture that goes over most people’s heads won’t cut it, either. What does work is our blended approach of Socratic discussion, intuitive models, and hands-on activities that make business and finance interesting, relevant, immediately actionable, and, dare we say, fun.


Our success is about more than what we do. It’s about what drives us to do it.
To us, business acumen isn’t just about financial statements, it’s about taking action and taking responsibility for your career. It’s about moving great ideas forward. The kind of ideas that make a difference in the world and drive profitable growth. The kind of growth that fuels newer and bigger ideas. The kind of bold ideas that attract and retain the best and brightest talent. The kind of talent you’re going to need to fulfill your company’s purpose.
Yeah, we’ve taken business acumen way beyond mere financial literacy.